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Well, sublimation is the process of a substance transitioning directly from a solid to a gas phase (fun with science, you get it all at Peiyork).  In embroidery terms, it is the transfer of a digital image  onto textile fabrics through a specialized printer and heat press.  The ink permeates the fibers of the fabric and are locked in place, providing a colorfast fabric that is in many ways a photorealistic recreation of the original image.  

This innovative and revolutionary technology paves the way for us to help you unlock bold and vivid new promotional products for your brand or company.  



Did you happen to read the above paragraph? Photorealism! In a patch! That means more details, more colors, and more choices in how you want your product to look.  In general, the advent of sublimation technology now allows us to capture all the minutia and details that embroidery can't.  From tiny lettering to infinite colors, dye sublimation allows us to create photo lab quality images onto a patch.  But (there's always a but), what sublimation can't do is imitate that texture and look of a classic embroidered patch.  What to do about that? I'm glad you asked! Keep reading

HT-717H (dye-sub over Flat Embroidery).j

dye-sub embroidered patches

Looking for the best of both worlds? Want to have your cake and eat it too? That's what we aim to do here at Peiyork with our custom Dye Sublimated Embroidered patches.  All the added value of sublimation combined with the traditional beauty and feel of a custom embroidered patch.  The final result is a beautifully engineered emblem that incorporates both techniques into one item.  

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