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- New orders can be produced from an artwork or by replicating an existing patch.  Each order should have ​clear artwork with complete information of quantity, size, colors, backing and border finish

- Repeat orders my be placed via e-mail, fax, or phone.   We keep a physical sample and a digitized file of each order you've placed with us in the past, as well as your complete up-to-date order history in our system.  We can locate your previous orders when you provide us with your stock/item number, previous PO number, or Peiyork's sales order number.  These numbers can be found on your past invoices or sales order confirmation.

- When design consultations are approved and agreed upon, the order will be entered into our system, processed, and the sales order confirmation/ performa invoice will be emailed to you.  For rush orders, we will contact you as soon as we receive your orders to go through the details and to confirm the price and ship date.


We prefer vector file formats: cdr, ai, eps, but we can also accept: jpf, pdf, gif, bmp, tiff, png, or psd

3). Can you work from my digitized file for my patch order?

Yes , we can. Please send it in dst format along with your artwork.  However, we might need to make some adjustments to the digitalization to better fit our machines as well as the materials on hand

4). If I have a new design for a patch order and i could get your either (one of the following):  

a) an artwork

b) a digitized file (.dst or .emb)

c) a sample patch

Which one of these is the most vital to make a new sample?

They are equally important because they serve different purposes: 

- An artwork shows the customer's original idea.  We can make adjustments based on the artwork.

- A digitized file can be sued as a reference of the stitching pattern.

- A sample patch allows us to fully duplicate the patch design.  This allows for optimal color matching, as this is often one of the most crucial steps in making an ideal patch.

5). What is your normal turnaround time?

Normally, our average turnaround time is 3~4 weeks, but high order quantity and/or a unique product may require more production time.  Feel free to send the design for us to quote and to better estimate turnaround time.  Rush service is available upon request.  

6). Minimum order quantities

1. The minimum order for sizes larger than 5" is 25 pieces or $50.00, whichever is higher in dollar amount.
2. The minimum order for sizes in between 2" to 5" is 50 pieces or $50.00, whichever is higher in dollar amount.
3. The minimum order for sizes less than 2" is 100 pieces or $50.00, whichever is higher in dollar amount.

7). WIll I be able to see a sample of my patch before they are manufactured

Yes, we offer a scanned of the actual stitch-out for you to approve before we start production on any order.  Editing/handling fees may apply if changes are requested.

8). What is your standard packaging

a). For regular-sized emblems (between 2"~5" overall size): 25pcs a set, 200 or 250 pcs per bag

b). For large-sized emblems (larger than 5" overall size): 25 pcs per bag, 50 OR 100 pcs per big poly bag.

c). For small appliques (smaller than 2" overall size): 100 pcs per bag, 1000 OR 2000 pcs per big poly bag.

d). Special packaging could be accommodated upon request, please inquire for more info.

9). How do I apply my heat seal patches onto my garment?

Please refer to our iron-on instructions section for more information.

10). are there special instructions for washing my emblems?

Our standard embroidered emblems are colorfast under cold water with non-bleaching detergent.  A preliminary test is recommended if any other washing/cleaning methods are used.  If the emblems will be washed under industrial laundry, please specify that on your oder or ask us for polyester threads.

11). What methods of payments do you accept?

We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and T/T.
For U.S. customer, company checks and money order are also accepted.

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