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Peiyork International Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of embroidery products. Founded in 1982 on the beautiful island of Taiwan, Peiyork distinguishes itself as a reliable supplier by providing quality products and superior customer service. In 1983, Peiyork opened an US office in San Diego, CA, presenting customers with a more convenient point of contact as well as supplying a more cost-effective delivery service. In 1997, the company’s first factory in China was established to keep up with the growing demands as well as to maintain competitive prices. The second factory was established in 2002 for the same purpose, and in 2019 we built our first factory in Bangkok Thailand.  In 2004, an office was opened in Shanghai to better serve the clients in the Asian market. Quality is a way of life here at Peiyork, and it is reflected throughout our products and dedicated customer service. With an extensive product line, the company helps its customers grow their businesses in apparel, uniform, promotional, or the novelties market.

Family owned and operated since its inception, Peiyork takes great pride in bringing the values of the home into the business world.  Peiyork has grown organically from humble roots in a rented office space in Taipei to a respected industry leader with over 300 employees and a foothold in multiple countries.  Every person that we come across, be it a client, employee, vendor or anything in between, we take it upon ourselves to treat that individual as a member of our team.  These are the values instilled in the Peiyork name back in 1982 and it is something we carry with us to this day. 


est. 1982 - Taipei Taiwan


Peiyork is committed in becoming the #1 source for all your embroidered-related products. We do this by integrating our corporate values: 

Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, and Innovation.


Now with offices and manufacturing capabilities in four countries, Peiyork is constantly looking to expand in order to bring our clients the most competitive prices in this ever changing market.  We are dedicated to bettering, challenging, and educating ourselves so we can always meet the needs of our valued customers.  

Our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure their safety.  Our factories have been ISO certified to guarantee our customers the highest standard of quality.  Our team has been vetted and trained to meet and surpass any design or customer service needs that you may or have yet to encounter.



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