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perfect for the athlete in your life

peiyork chenille emblems are great not just for varsity jackets, But are a perfect choice for any fun and colorful design.

Chenille emblems are both visually distinct as well as remarkable in how they feel.

brighten up your designs today with peiyork chenille emblems!



Chenille (Little Rain).png
Chenille (R San Diego, yellow version).p

Chenille patches are associated most with letterman jackets, but chenille (French for caterpillar) applications range far and wide.  Peiyork chenille patches are distinct both visually and tactilely.  

Not enough to satisfy you? How about two for the price of one? Now you can get the one of a kind look of a chenille patch and the classic beauty of embroidery combined into one design!


Peiyork is here to service all of your embroidery needs. 

If you have more questions regarding this or any other products provided by Peiyork, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Chenille (emoji, HF-326).png
Chenille (flag).png
Chenille (USA Route 66, HF-296).png
Chenille (Pacific Outfitter, HF-297).png
Chenille (soccer ball, HT-0060).png
Chenille (goose, HT-0217).png

With over 35 years of experience, Peiyork is committed to bringing you excellence in both quality of product and customer care.

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